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Mi Mundo. James Rodríguez. Guatemala

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MiMundo.org is the personal platform for independent documentary photographer and photojournalist James Rodríguez.

MiMundo.org provides an independent media alternative and editorial photography agency focusing particularly on social justice issues involving land tenure, human rights abuses, post-war processes, and negative effects of globalization.

Based primarily in Guatemala since 2006, James has produced over one hundred social justice and cultural photo essays documenting Central America’s fragile post-war scenario via the MiMundo.org blog (in English, Spanish and Japanese).

Individual and collective exhibits have featured MiMundo.org’s work in North America, Mexico, Guatemala, and Europe. Notable individual exhibits include The El Estor Evictions, sponsored by Amnesty International Canada, and Mining in Central America: Pain and Resistance, sponsored by Oxfam America and exhibited during the 2008 Americas Social Forum in Guatemala.

As James has lived in Mexico, The United States, Japan, Guatemala, Brazil, and Kenya, and has traveled to over 60 countries in all continents, he is available for assignments anywhere.

James, currently based in Guatemala (April 2013), speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. Zuma Press represents him.


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